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Severus Snape x Evelyn Black
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Severus and Evelyn_Masquerade revisited by JosieCarioca Severus and Evelyn_Masquerade revisited :iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 29 4
'Post-War' Part VII- 'The Pale Devil' Chapter IX
Mirolyubov was younger than Evelyn imagined him to be. In fact she wouldn´t presume him older than than forty, but his neatly-cut hair was such a pale shade of blonde one would think he was greying. He was good-looking, remarkably tall and built much more like an athlete than an intellectual. There was something odd about his choice of a rather light off-white linen suit in December, but she didn´t think much of it. Evelyn  had dealt with her fair share of eccentrics, writers and editors alike, and even dated one such man for years. What truly struck her as odd were his eyes: they were of a dubious colour, blue, grey or green she couldn´t tell even though he looked at her so intently as to almost make her uncomfortable. It was not like Evelyn never had a man look at her a little too long and a little too intently, and sometimes such occurrences actually flattered her or at least played to her advantage, but this felt differently. It felt like he was studying her. No
:iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 3 2
Mature content
'Post-War' Part VII- 'The Pale Devil' Chapter VIII :iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 2 3
Fever by JosieCarioca Fever :iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 17 3 Fever -work in progress by JosieCarioca Fever -work in progress :iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 5 0
'Post-War' Part VII- 'The Pale Devil' Chapter VII
"You seem to have re-adapted to muggle life rather successfully. I would never imagine you of all people taking a bus." Kingsley Shakclebolt was the only person standing at the bus stop when Severus got off, but even if there had been a crowd around him, he´d be impossible to miss in his sharp plum coloured trench-coat, worn over an impeccably tailored black suit and bottle green shirt and tie. He definitely didn´t look the kind of passenger who would take the bus in that area, or one who would be taking a bus at all.
"You try apparating to and back from a busy street in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday. In any case, you haven´t come here to enquire about urban mobility."
"Indeed I have not."
"What have I done this time? It must be serious, for the minister to come in person. I was under the impression that I´d be dealing exclusively with your minions."
"Trust me, Dawlish is having about as much fun as you are."
"I hope he is. So...?"
"We should probably tal
:iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 2 0
Snape cannot tan (cartoon style) by JosieCarioca Snape cannot tan (cartoon style) :iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 9 3
'Post-War' Part VII- 'The Pale Devil' Chapter VI
"I knew I had heard that name before" Evelyn muttered to herself, looking down at the papers scattered on her desk.
A few days after she had moved to Angela´s, Nathaniel, one of her students from Trinity, contacted her in regards to a doctorate thesis he was working on about William the conqueror the impact of the Norman Conquest and the flight of Anglo-Saxon nobility to Ireland that ensued on the British Isles. She had welcomed the distraction and asked him to send in his work as well as the bibliography he had been working with. She missed the process of researching, taking notes and reviewing work. Her last book had come out before her father had passed away and she had only worked on articles since then. She had a tacit agreement with Lewis that she would take some time off for herself and as soon as she felt like her life was back in order again they would start talking about her next work. So, in the meantime, helping a former student with his own research was a very ni
:iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 4 2
'Post-War' Part VII- 'The Pale Devil' Chapter V
Having a brother eight years older than you had quite a few ups and downs, as Tancey had found out over the years. Clement had always been like a third parent of sorts. Both their parents worked, so he had to babysit her often, and no matter how much older a sibling will always be more permissive than a parent, so she liked that. Clement let her get away with a lot when he was in charge. Sure he had always been a bit of a nerd, so he still made her do her homework and go to bed early on school days, but he still let her have pizza and cake for dinner and watch horror films on weekends. Maybe because he was that much older, Clem was always nice to her. She heard stories from her schoolmates who had older siblings, stories about how annoying they were, and the horrible things they did and how the got them in trouble with their parents. Clement never did any of that. He was too mature for this sort of thing. He actually covered for a lot of the bad things she did, so her parents wouldn
:iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 4 0
'Post-War' Part VII- 'The Pale Devil' Chapter IV
It was still early in the day. First period wouldn´t start for another hour. Tancey had decided to do her homework at the library, to make sure nothing would interrupt her. Her assignments had piled up. First there was happened to Ms. Black, then the police enquiries, then James´father found out about it and, of course, threw a fit. Anything was a reason for him to throw a fit. James had to spend a couple nights at her house on account of it, but then again what else was new...
She made her way to the library and found some other early arrivals. It was usual as the end of the year approached bringing final exams with it. But none of them seemed as interested in studying as they were in commenting the fact that there had been a break in of some sort into Mr. Nolan´s office and that Ms. Black was back to work. Nobody was expecting her to return so soon. Mr. Nolan had given her some days off after all, and she had been quite badly hurt. But it didn´t really surprise Ta
:iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 3 0
'Post-War' Part VII- 'The Pale Devil' Chapter III
It was the first time Severus entered her house and Evelyn hadn´t offered him a smile, a seat, a cup of tea or something to eat. She walked about for a while, sighing, as if planning what to say next but finding herself at a loss of words.That never happened. Evelyn rarely ever took too long to put her thoughts into sentences. Her mind was wickedly fast like that. It was one of the things that made her a terrible liar: she had no patience for even taking the time to contruct a lie before uttering it, so she simply didn´t. It was more than simple honesty, Severus imagined, she simply found it a waste of time. But now she seemed to be measuring her next words.
"I went back to the police station" she finally said.
"What you heard"
"What for, if I may ask?"
"To talk to that man."
"Have you lost your mind?"
"Aren´t we off to a good start here?” she chuckled in a way that didn´t become her “Yes, I lost my mind. It´s got nothing whatsoever to do
:iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 2 0
Acceptance- version 2 for joeyv7 by JosieCarioca Acceptance- version 2 for joeyv7 :iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 14 5
'Post-War' Part VII- 'The Pale Devil' Chapter II
Cokeworth´s police station had operated for over a century from a small and unimpressive three storey red brick building close to the old commercial centre. The town grew as the small, square building became obsolete, more and more unfit to handle the criminal occurrences that inevitably increased along with the cycle of urban development and decay. As a result, papers piled up in complete chaos, archives and boxes had to be squeezed into tiny cramped spaces, and the staff laboured on tiny desks where reports and occurrences came in faster than they could be dispatched and dealt with.
Evelyn noticed the tendency towards maddeningly slow bureaucratic process from the moment she set foot in the place. Phones ringing non-stop, files and documents being stacked, moved, shuffled and passed around, people sitting around waiting for their own complaints or occurrences to be processed, people running amok trying to accomplish ten tasks at the same time. She wondered how such an understaff
:iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 3 2
'Post-War' Part VII- 'The Pale Devil' Chapter 1
The attacks rained on them before they could get their bearings. Even as he was expecting something like this to happen, Severus was only barely able to deflect the fast succession of curses and hexes coming his way from all sides. From the corner of his eye he could see Dawlish doing no better, as one of his aurors was already on the ground and the other one nowhere he could see. It was impossible to tell how many wizards were attacking them, but from the sheer intensity and speed of the orchestrated hits Severus knew they had to be outnumbered.
Eventually, Dawlish managed to get his wits about him for long enough to cast a protective shield over himself and the wounded auror. As bolts of light ricocheted in the darkness, Severus moved to the back of the room. Dawlish needed the magical shield to make sure at least one of his men left alive, but that wouldn´t help them reach anything other than a stalemate, he thought. They had to fight back or their defenses wouldn´t last.
:iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 2 2
'Post-war'-Part VI- The Stalker- Chapter IX (END)
Dawlish nearly jumped out of his skin when a raven descended upon him in a dark alley close to Spinner´s End, only to swiftly reveal the form of none other than Severus Snape. He would never guess the former potions master was a (most likely unregistered) animagus, but it didn´t really surprise him,come to think of it. It was a valuable skill to have if you were a spy and Dawlish would have liked to have had enough talent for it himself, but alas, he was seemingly destined to be a bureaucrat.
"I hope I didn´t startle you" Severus offered with a sardonic smile.
"Snape." he scoffed "You really are intent of making everything more difficult for us all, aren´t you?"
"Quite the opposite, in reality."
"I thought you were going to keep a low profile. First you storm into the minister´s office and now this? Why don´t you just give them your location already?"
"I knew the minister would inform you of my visit. Is that why you´re scrambling to get to Spinner
:iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 2 4
A morning call from mam
Characters: Severus, Evelyn and Sophia (Evelyn´s mother)
Place: Lyn´s house
Time: June of 1999
The blaring sound of the telephone startled him awake. Severus had lived nearly all his life away from these annoying machines muggles used to communicate with each other. When he was a child his parents couldn´t afford one and as an adult he had no need for one, so the sound was still very foreign and unsettling for him.
"Lyn...Lyyyyn...Evelyn.?.." he stirred but Evelyn´s sleeping form barely moved an inch within his arms. He shook her lightly "...the phone"
He knew it had to be for her. It was HER phone, by HER bed, in HER house. But she didn´t look very interested on getting it. Severus felt half tempted to let it ring, but the sound was so grating he couldn´t. He shook her harder
"Bloody hell, are you dead, woman?" he grumbled softly "The soddin´phone...It has to be for...oh, nevermind...I´ll get it."
He struggled to untangle himself from the comfor
:iconjosiecarioca:JosieCarioca 3 2




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So, you guys remember my very first Snape x Evelyn one-shot, "Acceptance", which chronicled Snape´s adjustment to the idea of becoming a father?

Well it´s been nearly five YEARS since it´s been written, and a lot has been changed and added to the "Post War" universe, so I went back and changed/updated this one-shot accordingly.

So if you have read it, go back and see what you make of the changes, and if you haven´t, here´s an opportunity to check it out.

I hope you all enjoy it! 

October, 31, 2005
Severus didn´t want a child.
And it was...
He approached the cradle with featherlight footsteps. It was a simple but elegant piece of furniture, made of heavy dark oak wood, an heirloom of Evelyn´s family, that her mother had insisted on giving them. A wealth of delicate white and blue covers and a veil of rich Irish lace protected it´s tiny occupant from the late October chill.
Severus´long fingers drew back the covers to reveal the child to his sleep deprived eyes. A child who was no more than an hour old. A child that wasn´t expected. A mistake that shouldn´t have happened, as far as his father had been concerned.
Severus didn´t want a child...
Most people take parental instinct for granted...They imagine it´s only natural for parents to love their children. It simply happened. Severus knew better...In fact he knew from experience that it just wasn´t that simple...Nowhere near that simple...
And that was preci


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