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(Sequel to "The Visit")

Chapter I

Severus couldn´t even remember the last time he had slept. Actual sleep, that is. A peaceful night of sound, restoring sleep. His brain shut down at times, when the body couldn´t take being awake anymore, but even then...To rest...No more...Not since the late Albus Dumbledore had dropped the weight of the world onto his shoulders without ever wondering if he would be able to carry it.

Dumbledore was not the nice old man for whom so many took him... He was man of action, a man who did what had to be done, no matter what the cost. "For the greater good" was his motto. Severus respected that. He had long given up any ideals of a fair world where good triumphs over evil simply because that´s the way it´s supposed to be...More often than not, the "greater good" demanded sacrifice, blood, tears and less than noble actions...Sometimes things simply got ugly, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Hard facts of life... Severus Snape had made his peace with them long before that night. Which was precisely why, even after all this time, he still couldn´t understand how Dumbledore´s plan had brought him to his knees like that.

Seventeen years before that Severus had given up everything. His life, his peace, his strentgh...He had laid everything at Dumbledore´s feet, had turned himself over to be used like a pawn. He had agreed to it...more than that, he had asked for it. Lily´s death left him no purpose other than continuously repenting for what couldn´t be fixed or forgiven. Following Dumbledore´s plans had become his sole reason to exist. To keep the boy keep whatever was left of Lily on this Earth alive...Until it came the day when he could finally rest...If the prophecy was right the day would come when Lily´s son would defeat Voldemort...through Lily´s son Severus Snape would finally find redemption... He waited for that day... For seventeen years he waited for that day...He did whatever it was in his power to make sure it would come.

Then everything came crumbling down... The boy had to die...Dumbledore had asked him to protect Lily´s son, just to have him dead at the right moment... "He has her eyes"...He said...That was probably the only thing that had kept Severus alive all these years...Knowing her eyes still saw the world through her child... And then, casually like that, Dumbledore told him those eyes would no longer see the light... Lily´s only child...raised like a pig for slaughter...with his help.

Severus was never quite certain as to whether Dumbledore didn´t realise the enormity of what he asked or if he simply didn´t care...Maybe Dumbledore himself didn´t know....He simply charged forward, doing whatever it took for everything to fall into place...and Severus had to keep up...On the day of Lily´s death, Severus Snape had given up his life, his happiness... Had given up himself, in a way...He had no right to claim his soul back, when he had lost it so long ago...And yet, Dumbledore asked entirely too much of him... To soil his hands with blood...Dumbledore´s own blood no less, and with those same blood-stained hands hold on to the helm, step into Dumbledore´s own shoes and keep Hogwarts safe under the attack of the birds of prey that swiftly descended upon it...and  lead Lily´s child to his ultimate fate, like a priest leads a lamb to the sacrificial altar.

And once everything was said and done, all there was left to him was to hope for forgiveness that would never come...Too much, simply too much...

As he lay bleeding on the filthy floor of the Shrieking Shack, there was a moment of relief.

Over...finally sleep, at last... He had fought it...Once he felt the first bite of Nagini´s teeth sinking into his flesh, he had fought it. But he had been caught entirely off-guard, let go of his wand, and the beast was just too strong, too fast and Severus too weak and broken. Like a wounded animal he  recoiled, moaned, struggled...In foolish desperation he had tried to pry the mighty jaws open with both his hands, only managing to break his fingers... The attack was relentless...In the midst of the pain all he could think of was his incomplete mission...After seventeen years, he had the last moment he had failed...

Then he simply lay there, all energy drained from his body...warm blood soaking his robes, his consciousness slipping away from him with each drop...He waited for the jaws to come back and finish what had been started... Charity Burbage´s death still lingered in the back his mind, the haunting sounds of her bones breaking as Nagini feasted upon her body still echoed into his ears. He had watched, powerless to prevent it...and now it was his turn. But all he heard was the ruffling of the Dark Lord´s robes and the slithering sound of Nagini following her master, as he was left for dead.

Laying on the floor... bleeding his life out... Knowing with his last shred of consciousness that everything was lost... But even then he felt the most bizarre sense of relief...At least it was over...he could rest... Redemption had been denied to him...but sleep...just sleep...If there was anything like a God in heaven He wouldn´t deny him that...

Right at that moment he had been pulled out of his feverish reverie by a voice... a pair of deep emerald green eyes looking at him, filled with horror,  sorrow... pity? Harry...Lily´s boy...all these years he had tried to see look for her eyes in his, and yet he had never really seen it as clearly as now... His hope had never been in vain...peace would come to him...everything he had been asked to do, he would have accomplished...just as long as he made Harry see it, with his own eyes...Those green eyes...Lily´s eyes...they would see it...they would see everything he had always wanted them to see...

His task was complete...peace at last...sleep...

But even that had been denied to him...When he woke up, weeks later, at St Mungo´s, the light of a new day pouring from the open window, confirming his existence, hurt his soul more than the  unhealed, infected wounds pained his body.

It wasn´t supposed to be like this... was all he had asked for...

Severus simply lay on his bed, after yet another night of tossing and turning with eventual black-outs filled with nightmares. He had seen from the corner of his eye as the lights of a grey, foggy, autumn morning cut through the black veil of the night. He watched as the white milky glow  entered his room, little by little, flowing lazily, drawing ample patterns on the ceiling... He watched in silence, entirely too incapable of doing anything else other than lay there, motionless. The spectre of light moved in front of his eyes for hours before he mustered the strength to look up at the clock.

09 o´clock...

Severus dragged himself out of bed, his back  aching from being too long on the same position...He closed the windows, rubbing his bloodshot eyes and welcoming the darkness back, then finally decided that, since the days stubbornly refused to stop going by, it was probably better to keep busy in the meantime...somehow...

Caffeine...that was what he needed...tea or coffee...whatever...

He welcomed the cold as he walked into the kitchen. The cool tiles felt like ice under his bare feet, and the breeze that made it´s way into the broken window felt gelid against his skin, barely protected by the worn out grey pajamas. The cold was almost painful, the warmth of the bed covers still lingering all over his body. It didn´t matter much...Lately the only thing that made him feel somewhat alive was pain...The wounds on his neck still hurt most of the time, and his left hand had never quite recovered...Probably shouldn´t be making such liberal use of anaesthetic potions.

Tea...a warm cup of tea would make him feel somewhat human again. After lighting up a cigarette, Severus reached for the tin box on the counter, just to find it empty. But of course...he had used the last bags of Assam left to make tea the day before...When that nosy Miss Black had visited him... He had almost forgotten about her...Lately he just kept forgetting things... And his mind was so blurry from the ill-slept night that the bizarre conversation he had had with his new neighbour the previous day just felt dream-like like it had never happened...

Bloody hell, he really needed caffeine...

"There´s still instant coffee in here somewhere" he muttered to himself as he rummaged through the cabinets, no mustering enough concentration to simply use a summoning spell. As he opened cabinet door after cabinet door, a soft mewling sound made its way into his ears...

At first he thought nothing of it, but soon enough the noise had started to grate into his nerves...Was it his imagination or the mewling was actually getting louder?

He turned to leave the kitchen and look for something heavy to throw at the damned stray cat that was, most likely, messing up the trash cans outside. Then he saw it...a small black silhouette laying in front of his fire place. It turned around and in the dim light of the living room he saw a pair of bright amber eyes staring straight at him.

So that´s why the noise was so close...

"How did it ever..." Severus looked around and the answer became obvious...The broken window on the kitchen... Meanwhile, the cat leisurely approached, mewling softly to get his attention, and started to rub against his leg. Severely annoyed by now ,Severus picked it up, ready to toss it outside the door when he realized it: this cat was no stray... It was obviously well fed, and its black coat was so shiny it looked blueish under the also had a collar with a shamrock-shaped name tag on it. As the little beast made itself comfortable, purring agains this chest, Severus examined the tag.

"Ciarán...If you find me call,...Evelyn B..." he rolled his eyes "Well, well...Cats...the ultimate staple of the obnoxious, over-thirty spinster...Why doesn´t it surprise me at all?"
It took me long anough, but here it is, the Sequel to "The Visit" [link]

Damnit, this was supposed to be a light-hearted fic :XD: But no will get better :D

A big thank you to :iconameraucanablues: for proofreading it :glomp: and illustrating it

Next chapter: [link]

:iconameraucanablues: ´s AWESOME ILLUSTRATION! -----> [link]

Severus Snape © J.K.Rowling Evelyn and Ciarán are aaall mine :la:
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initialfantasy Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No puedo imaginar a Snape fumando jaja,simplemente no puedo. Me encanta lo que estas haciendo con esta historia, es completamente posible (ignorando el hecho de que lo hubieran podido rescatar de 1 dia de veneno recorriendo su cuerpo :p)
JosieCarioca Featured By Owner May 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Snape fumando no es canon, pero en mi opinion es plausible...él es un tipo nervioso, siempre tenso. Creo que el de fumar le cae bien con su personalidad.

Creo que se pudieron salvar a Artur Weasley, por que no a Snape (y puede darse que Snape siendo mastro de pociones fuera más resistente a velenos que otros...quizás ;P) Pero enserio, Snape aqui no l sallido del ataque sin secuelas. Han tenido que cuidarlo por muchas semana en St. Mungo y aún asi sufre unas consecuencias del ataque.

Gracias por comentar y seguir esa estoria. Espero que te siga gustando :hug:
Lilly-F-lie Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011  Professional General Artist
wonderful writing
JosieCarioca Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much! :hug: I hope you continue to enjoy the story(and sorry for the VERY late reply :blush:)
Krimhild-K Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
me sentí tocada por la última frase, jaja!!

JosieCarioca Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Pues no sientas solo que Snape es un completo idiota cuando esta en depresion XD XD
Krimhild-K Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
Jaja, vale, pero solo tocada, no da para ofendida :D
LauraLF Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yesssss I have been waiting for it :)
JosieCarioca Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Have your expectations been satified? ;P
LauraLF Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it was better than I expected!! :)
Gryffgirl Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011
Very good read! I like Evelyn even more now that she has a black cat! :)
JosieCarioca Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Aaaaw, thank you! :glomp: Ciarán rocks, doesn´t he? XD
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