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Severus looked at his reflection in the mirror and noticed how his lips were daring to crack a smile...A small one, but it was there nevertheless...The first one in months. They had come a long way...a long and rocky way. It had been weeks since Severus had convinced her to come back give him a second chance. He knew he didn´t deserve it...Not after turning his back on her when she needed him the most...Evelyn had done the right thing by leaving, he admited without reservation.

How could a woman possibly be with a man who can´t be there for her when she´s needs him the most? A man who could say to her face he doesn´t want to be a father, knowing she expecting a child of his? His fears and demons were were his to battle, not hers...Specially not when she had so much to worry about without him making everything worse. It was only after she´d left him and spent nearly two months at her mother´s house that he had gathered the courage to face her and beg her forgiveness, with no hope of receiving any...And only then did he find out that his rejection was the least of her problems...

The first months of her pregnancy had been hellish...she had to be briefly hospitalized even...Severe nausea, dehydration, inability to keep food down that had caused her to suffer from malnutrition, elevated blod pressure...All through it she had never made contact with him, never told him a single thing...Why should she? He had made it abundantly clear through his words and actions she couldn´t count on him. She leaned on her family instead...Her mother, sister, friends...He had to admit, much to his shame, that Fin, her best friend, had thus far been more of a father to his unborn child than himself...

Severus had wounded her deeply...Even as she decided to give him a second chance, it hadn´t come smoothly.It jusy couldn´t. Evelyn was withdrawn...On her first few days back home Severus wouldn´t even dare share her bed at night...He slept in the guestroom until she had, reluctantly, allowed him back in their room and even then...He could tell she flinched at his touch...She´d shy away from his gaze, wouldn´t change in front of him, wouldn´t talk as much as before, or smile at all. Even when they did talk, she visibly avoided the topic of the child...He tried his best not to put any pressure on her...She was well within her rights, but it hurt him. He wondered how much of her change had to do with him and how much of it had to do with the situation itself. They had been away from each other for two months...Things change a lot in two months, specially if a pregnancy was involved. When she left she wasn´t showing much...When he met her for the first time after their brief separation she was a different person...Nearly six months into her pregnancy and definetly showing... He had in been in awe...Severus always thought the whole idea that expectant mother somehow got prettier was nothing but sentimental hogwash to make women feel better about the discomfort that came with gestating a child.Seeing Evelyn for the first time in weeks had convinced him otherwise...She was positively flowering, even with all she´d gone through...He wished ardently he could tell her how ravishing she looked without sounding like a hypocrite shopping for easy sympathy...But he knew she was unsure about the changes on her body was going through...the physical discomfort, the tiredness...He wanted to reassure her, but how could he, after all he had done?

The separation had eaten away at the intimacy they once shared.

But eventually, almost naturaly, everything had settled into a more comfortable atmosphere...Evelyn slowly allowed him to get closer, their meals were no longer silent, she´d smile and even laugh again, and little by little, she´d start sharing her concerns and fears with him...Once she was settled back home she´d started to make arrangements to go back to work, at least until she could, and they had agreed to hire a person to help her...A squib nurse and midwife named Protea, who Severus at first feared would add a new layer of akwardness to the house, but who had, ironically, been a bridge between them. Protea was blissfully unware of a lot of their current situation (or at least was considerate enough to act like she was) and went about her work in an efficient and caring manner. She treated Evelyn almost like a daughter, regardless of the fact that the age difference of them was of barely a decade; and made sure to keep Severus informed of every single detail of everything concerning Evelyn´s health...Eventually they could somewhat talk about the subject of the baby without it feeling like some formal obligation, but simply because it had become as much a natural part of life as breaksfast or the making the grocery list...

Finally, almost without either of them realizing it, they had fallen back into the old patterns, the pleasant routine they had before everything had gone awry...He could once again kiss her good morning, and hold her through the night; she could once again laugh and talk non-stop like she always did, lovely parrot that she had always been...And just like that, without planning or pressure, they had made love again for the first time in months. It simply happened as it would before, without much thinking, on instinct alone...It had beeen both sweet and awkward, like a first time all over again. They had to re-adapt to each other, to her new forms, to the requirements of her delicate state...It had been good...More than good actually...It had been almost liberating in a way...It was the last barrier they had to cross in their search for that lost sense of intimacy. Now Severus felt like they had finally gotten their life back, he felt like he could finally try, in earnest, to be the husband she deserved, the father their child needed. For the first time in months he felt like everything was going to be all right.

He finished brushing his teeth and went back into the bedroom. She was still sleeping. It was unlike her to sleep in...It was almost half past nine, and Evelyn was usually on her feet and running at six... But it was saturday and she must have been tired...It had been a long night, he grinned to himself. He didn´t much feel like facing the world outside their bedroom either, but he didn´t feel sleepy, so he got under the covers anyway, basking in the warmth of her rounded forms and the soothing regularity of her breathing. He then reached for her bedside table, carefully not to wake her. He remembered she had a book there, so he might as well take a peek...

“The Great book of baby names” Severus smiled...Now he remembered, Caitlin had given them that...It was the same book she used to pick her own daughters´names and it had been borrowed by several of her friends as they had their own children, or so Evelyn told him. Curious, Severus started to browse, noticing some pages were marked, when he felt her stir next to him. He ran his hand through her messy hair as she drowsly mumbled something he didn´t quite catch.

"Seeev...?" she purred

“Good morning, love..."

"Mornin´...what time is it?"

“9:30.... But shhhh... sleep some more... You two need your rest..."

“What you´re doin´..” she asked, sleepiness eating the end of her words

"Just Reading... keeping guard...the usual"

"I tought keeping guard was Protea´s work...” she snuggled against him, more awake now.

“Don´t complain, you have two loyal guards.”

“What are you reading?”

"Um... this book your sister gave us” He put the book on his nightstand, shifting to get comfortable on the pile of pillows she usually required for a proper night of sleep.

"I´ve been meaning to show you, but...anyway, found something you like?"

"Weeeellll.... if it's alright with you, I really can't think of anything but Eileen... But...ughhhhh... The boys' names. Can you just please pray for a girl? I am completely at a loss here!"

"You know there IS a 50% chance it will be a amount of praying will change that " she replied, serious. Severus didn´t want to upset her, but he couldn´t hide the fact that he wasn´t too excited about the possibility of having a boy.

“I know, I know...But...What do you have in mind?... I mean ANYTHING but Severus, Tobias or LEAST of all James!...OR Harry!"

"You know what...I´m hoping it IS a boy. You´re so eager for a girl that you´d spoil her rotten....and Severus is a perfectly acceptable name...for a wizard"

"Gahh... no! Why?!"

"Well...wizards are not known for having the most pedestrian names are they?"

"Pedestrian?! Honestly, Lyn... what have you thought up?!"

"I marked some pages on the book...can you get it for me?"

“Sure.” He handed her the book before craddling her in his arms so they both could see the pages

"So...we agree on Eileen for a first name if it´s a girl, right?"

"If you like it, then I can't see a reason to look for more!"

"I considered Eileen Sophia...but my mother is against naming babies after living relatives"

Severus couldn´t help but laugh at the notion of having a child named after his overbearing mother-in-law. He loved Sophia dearly, but there would be no ending to her spoiling a child named after herself...She´d probably kidnap their daughter and take the baby for her own.


"SOPHIA!!! Oh God, Lyn! You should have known better! What about Eileen Teresa or Eileen Minerva? OR EILEEN NOTHING! Who needs middle names?"

"So we can name our daughter after YOUR mother but not after MINE? Remind me again who´s going to be pushing this baby out a few months from now?"


"Count your blessings that I´m not naming her Aoife or Caoimhe..." she mumbled, pouting

“What? Woman, are those names even...terrestrial? By God, the poor child´s life will be an incessant guessing game. How do you even spell these?”

“They´re perfectly acceptable Irish names! A-o-i-f-e, prnounced Eefah and C-a-o-i-m-h-e, pronounced 'Kweevah', is not that hard.”

“Alcohol is a hell of a drug...”

“Oh, shut up..." she shrugged "Maeve is taken...twice.”

"Who the hell is Maeve? I don't know any Maeves... and that one's... simpler!"

“For shame Severus! My mother and Alice! Sophia Maeve and Alice Maeve!"

“Oh, that´s right! Sorry, I forgot... don't normally use Alice's middle name in grading her work! But yeah, about the boys...” he sighed “I want you to know I'm trying, Lyn! But my creativity is failing here"!

“Ok...I thought of some..."

“Well, let's have them!"

"Cat suggested Paul...and I tought of it initially, but...I don´t really want to name him after Paul, know. Seems like a heavy burden to lay on a baby to name him after my brother, all things considered...but Paul´s second name might work"

"Your brother was Paul Éamon, right?...Com to think of it, that's not too bad!"

"So is it not too Irish?"

"Oh it's Irish as feck... but I don't mind it too much. What else?!"

" a strong name. St George is the patron saint of soldiers ...of England as well"

"Ugh...that one doesn´t bring fond memories to me, I´m afraid"

"Fine...what about Marius? Or Sebastian"

“So Marius after your father and grandfather, or Sebastian after some bloke with arrows?!"

"Some bloke with arrows?! Show some respect!"

"Right, right...Let me see...Sebastian” he rumaged through the book “Patron Saint of... Plagues...yummy...Athletes...ugh... Soldiers... again? Archers... OBVIOUSLY... and...The City of Rio de Janeiro."

"See? Not bad at all, right?"

"Nope... If my son is to be a tad on the crazy side!Hyperactive little monkey, most likely?"

"Well...half Snape, half Black...Whatever brand of crazy he is, we have it coming"

“Oh Merlin almighty...”

"And let´s not forget the Finnegan blood...My mother´s grandfather was an Irish rebel after all"

“Oh, boooy....”

"Ok...I may have a less...martial name"

“Should I be scared?"

“I´m afraid it´s not very common..."

“Right!" he snorted


“So he's a Viking now?!"

"SEVERUS!” she laughed “Don´t act like an uncultured fool!"

"...but it's so humorous!"he grinned

“Glad you find it funny...since it´s basically YOUR name"

“How do you figure? Look I may be some working-class street urchin, but I am cultured enough to know that Soren is a Scandinavian name! My name is Latin! BIG GAP in Geography there!"

"Soren happens to be Danish for Severus...don´t believe me, look at the book"

“Oh well, I'll be damned!"

" Kierkegaard´s first name...My father loved his writings. I still remember when he introduced them to me...I..." she trailed off

“Yes?” he pat her back, sensing her uncertainty

“A few weeks ago, back at mam´s house...I found the copy of Kierkegaard´s 'Christian Discourses' he gave me before I went off to college...” she shifted before continuing

“Go on...”

“God's greatness is in forgiving, in showing mercy, and in this, his greatness, he is greater than the heart that condemns itself.'...It´s always been one of my favorite quotes...It comes from that book”

Severus didn´t say anything. There was no need. The father-in-law who had died before Severus even had a chance to meet him had, from the past, made the case for his daughter to forgive this gauche husband of hers...And here he was thinking Sophia was the only one he had to thank for sticking up for him...

“Actually, this is quite clever...” he smiled, caressing her head, pulling her closer and lightly patting the roundness of her belly “And it's hard to get an obnoxious nickname out of this! I like it. I like it very much. Well there we have it: Soren for a boy, Eileen for a girl! You hear that in there, half-pint? Your name will Soren or Eileen..."

"What do you think of...Soren Prince?"

"Oh! That's not bad...!"

"You´ll be ok if it is Soren...and not Eileen, right?"

“I guess...As long as he's a gentleman! I don't mean some nancyboy, but no son of mine is an uncoth baboon either!"

"Sev...little boys ARE uncouth"

“If that´s the case I suppose I can settle for a small, friendly-like primate for a son. One that won't fling much feces. Like a marmoset or a Vervet monkey...”

"Aren´t Vervet monkeys the ones with blue bollocks?" she laughed so hard he could almost feel the child jump inside her belly

"I never paid that kind of attention to their genitals, Lyn!"

"Ok, ok..." she got up with some help “I guess any monkey over a Gryffindor...right?"

“Now you´re speaking like the mother of a future Slytherin”

“Or Ravenclaw”

“Or that...Anything but a Gryffindor”
Names and beginnings
Dialogue written in collab with ameraucanablues 

This was supposed to be posted yesterday for Mother´s Day, but my computer froze and I lost a chunk of my part of it and had to rewrite.

This story takes place a couple months before "Acceptance"…

Not sure how well this fits the bill for "Mother´s Day" as it´s basically a father contemplating motherhood, but I suppose it works..
To those of you who have been following the events of the past few months: we´ve just been informed that my mother´s cancer removal has been a success! She´s still going to continue preventive treatments for quite a while (a few years at least), but for all effects and purposes she´s now cancer free. I can not stress enough how important it was that we got the diagnosis very early on. Thank you to all of you who offered kind words and support! :huggle:

Needless to say that means I´ll be making a full return to dA. I´m now working on the next chapter of "Post War" and on the drawing I had promised some of my friends. joeyv7 I have NOT forgotten the gift I promised you, and the same goes for e-c-h ...You´ll get your gifts soon! Anybody else who I may owe something, it´s on the way!
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"Pray tell what the devil were you trying to accomplish with this ridiculous scene?!" Severus hissed as he slammed the door.

"Excuse me?! I was under the impression we were discussing something serious. Don´t get bent out of shape just because I put some muggle in her place.”

"Must I remind you  are currently in no position to put anyone on whatever your frivolous opinion considers to be their place?”

"All of this over a muggle, Severus? You really had us all fooled." she smiled wryly. Severus could almost hear his own jaw clench.

"I do not appreciate your tone, Narcisa. As many character flaws as you may have I´m sure stupidity is not among them."

Narcisa seemed caught off guard by his words, and Severus could tell she was struggling not to snap back at him. Prepotent as she might be, Narcisa knew she needed his help, and was not dumb enough to cross him.

"Very well...were were we?"

"You had just had an idea...Here´s to hoping it´s any better than anything I´ve had to hear from you this evening..."


As soon as Evelyn closed her her living room door behind her the phone began to rang. She was very much inclined to let the answering machine handle it, if it wasn´t for the fact that she just remembered she had been expecting a call from her sister.

“Hello?” she almost growled into the receiver, startling herself with how aggressive that sounded.

“Evelyn? Jesus, what happened?” surely enough it was her sister.

“Oh, uh...Sorry, it´s nothing.”

“Yeah, right 'nothing', she says...What the hell bit you?! Let me guess, it´s either work or Severus?”

“What?! What do you mean 'either work or Severus', why does it have to be one or the other?”

“Well, after that romantic post-Halloween breakfast I´d think you´ve made some progress...did he go and do something stupid?”

“Jesus Lord, Caitlin! How many times do I have to tell you that Severus and I are just friends. He has every right to do whatever the hell he damn pleases with his spare time and...” she stopped midway, realizing what she had just said...WHY had she said that?

“ IS about Severus...What did he do?”

“Nothing, Severus did nothing! What the hell you´re getting at, Cat?”

“Still as terrible a liar as always, Linz”

“Ok, fine. It´s not something Severus did...exactly.”

“Come on...tell me what has he done.”

“It´s nothing...I just went over to his house and he had a very rude guest over and she pushed my buttons...No big deal really.”

“She? Did you just say 'she'?”

“Don´t go getting ideas, ok?”

“I´m not getting any ideas!”

“Yeah, right...”

“Who IS this woman, anyway?”

“I don´t know. Some posh socialite type I´ve never seen before.”

“Socialite type? Where did that come from? Isn´t Severus a hermit who´s always locked up at home and only ever interacts with you, because you obviously have a very specific fetish for awkward intellectuals?”

“Caitlin, will you please stop? And your guess is as good as mine. As soon as he introduced the two of us she told me to feck off, only no in so many words...And he just stood there. Needless to say I didn´t offer to stay and socialize...”

“She just sent you off like that?”

“As if she owned his house...”

“How did she look like?”

“How is that important?”

“Humour me...was know...pretty?”

“She sort of looked a fashion model”


“Yeah, overdressed, thin, blonde and with a face like she´d just sucked a dozen exceedingly sour lemons.”

“It´s always some skinny, blonde bitch, ain´t it? Men...”

“I´m not jealous if that´s what you´re trying to get at...”

“You said it, not me.”

“Oh, do shut up, will you?”


It was close to 7:30 in the morning. It was the time Ms. Black usually left for work. Severus should probably have gone and apologized to her on the spot, but he couldn´t just leave Narcisa unattended or she´d make an even bigger scandal of it all. Still, there was no excuse for her childish behaviour and an apology had to be made, even if not by the offender. Evidently Narcisa would never “stoop so low” as to apologize to a Muggle...It never ceased to amaze him how even in the direst distress Narcisa Malfoy couldn´t quite shake off the signature haughtiness of the Blacks. None of them could really... Narcisa, Bellatrix, Sirius...They could all be thrown in the pits of hell and yet...a Black remained a Black. Severus smirked under his breath, leaning on the door frame and lighting a cigarette to warm himself up face the chilly breeze outside.

Evelyn was also a Black, he reminded himself. As a matter of fact,Severus could see that in her more and more. Worse still, he mused with a chuckle, she was at least three quarters Irish, a stubborn and fiery lot, if muggle history books were anything to go by. She didn´t have the quick temper the tired cliché assigned to her people, but neither was she one to take any abuse laying down...Evelyn Black had a way of telling people to fuck off in the gentlest terms that was, frankly put, quite delicious. He had had a taste of her bitting sweetness himself more than once. It had been quite the treat to see that rare talent directed at Narcisa Malfoy. Lucius´wife would never admnit, but it had hurt her to receive that amount of subtle contempt from a muggle.

Severus wondered what both Evelyn and Narcisa would say if they found out they were actually related. Cousins. Narcisa would surely have a fit. It was no small blessing that that was precisely the one Black trait Evelyn conspicuously lacked: the hystrionics. In fact one would be hard pressed to believe the affable dark-haired scholar and the conceited wife of one of the once-richest wizards in Britain shared a single strand of DNA. They couldn´t be more different if they had intentionally tried to be.

And yet, Severus had to admit, if you looked close enough...

Maybe it had been the healthy dosis of muggle blood that two generations had injected into her, or maybe it was simply the fact that she considerably less inbred than her wizarding relatives, but Evelyn Black somehow had managed to keep most of the best traits of the Blacks while avoiding most of the worst.  She had the dark and solemn beauty of the Blacks, but not nearly as much of their vanity, she had their inate elegance, but none of their haughtiness, their assertiveness without any of their tyranny... Surely enough she was irritatingly stubborn and proud just like every last of them, but her willfuness had been directed towards study and work, and her pride was mostly justified by actual achievements, which was more than he could say for any of the members of the magical branches of the family who had mostly made it far in school and life more through marriage and conections than actual merit. Maybe instead of marrying their cousins the Blacks should have tried marrying some muggles...Hybrid vigour was a scientifically proved way of improving genetics...and the wizading family line wouldn´t have come so close to extinction. Severus couldn´t decide wether it was funny or sad that the wizarding Blacks were on the verge of disappearing, shrowded in infamy, while the 'impure' branch Evelyn descended  from seemed to be perfectly happy and striving... Poetic justice, perhaps.

He put out his cigarrette on the doorframe as soon as he saw Evelyn come out from her house, carrying her usual multicoulored multitude of folders and bags. She made her way to her car so fast he almost had to run to get to her before she got inside and drove off.

“Miss Black? Can I have a moment please?”

“I´m dreadfully sorry, Severus, but I´m running late.” she spat without as much as looking at him, carelessly throwing her folders on the passenger seat.

“It´s about that unfortunate ecounter last night, I assure you...”

“I´d really rather not discuss that.”

“I understand and I agree you have every right to be upset about..”

“Actually, I don´t, and I´m not.”

“I´m sorry?”

“I showed up at a bad time, and I was told as much. That´s all there´s is to it. Now if you can excuse me...”

“Ms. Black, please. It´s simply that Narcisa is...”

“Narcisa was your guest and I was intruding. My parents happened to teach me manners...”

“Yes, Narcisa was my guest, but she had no right to treat you that way. You should know you are welcome to my house at any time you wish, and I will not have anyone...”

“Severus...” she looked like she was about to say something harsh but took a deep breath and paused before continuing “Ok, fine, Severus...apologies accepted. Now will you let me go?”

“I was under the impression you had something to talk to me about yesterday? If you´re running late now, maybe later we can...”

“Actually about that...I just wanted to tell you that  have a meeting with Fr. Thomas after work. I don´t know how long it will take, so you don´t have to bother to accompany me home today.” with that she got into the car and sped away not giving him any time to reply.


The conversation was probably serious. Fr. Thomas didn´t receive her in the small and cozy rectory where they usually talked over tea and cakes, but in a meeting room in the main church building. It was an ample and gloomy room that smelled of mothballs, paper and incense, with a long table and wooden chairs on its center and cabinets filled with books, papers and registers covering the right wall and a few religious paintings decorating the opposite one. A large ebony scuplture of Christ hanging from the cross looked down gloomly on the table with deep empty eyes on his long angular face.  

“Sorry to keep you waiting, my dear.” he told her, pouring coffee from a thermos flask into two plastic cups. “Mrs.Murphy came in for a surprise confession...It had been a while, actually.”

“No problem at all, I´m early myself.”

“I apologize in advance for the coffee. I´d have made it fresh but we just ran out of ground beans... You take sugar, right?”

“Yes, please...Well...You said you talked to James?” she asked, trying not to mind the bad coffee too much.

“Yes, I did. As you had predicted, James is rather hesitant to discuss his private matters, as one should expect from a lad in his situation...”

“Tell me about it...His mother is no better, I must say”

“I´m afraid it will take him time to open up, but...he seems to trust you. He told me himself, he wouldn´t have come to meet me if you hadn´t asked him to do so. I think you have a good chance of reaching out to him...”

“From your mouth to God´s ears, Father...”

“I had no illusions of being able to get him to talk about the issues that are really troubling him, but  we did discuss other things. James is a good young man under that whole rebel act.”

“That he is. I think if he had more activities to occupy his time and find some sense of purpose...”

“About that...Were you aware he´s a quite gifted musician?”

“Oh, yes! He can compose too, you know? Tancey showed me some of his works, a couple 80s-rock style power ballads, very good stuff actually. I´ve been wanting to ask him for a copy of some but I´m a bit afraid he´ll get upset if he knows Tancey showed me those...and my piano is back in Ireland, so I can´t make much use of music sheets anyway...”

“You have a piano?” Fr. Thomas´face seemed to light up.

“Well, my mother does, actually...It belonged to my father, now she has it.” she smiled, sadly, memories suddenly washing over her “Not to brag or anything but dad was a gifted musician and singer. After he came back home from college in Dublin he and some friends started a little amateur music group... Traditional Irish music and all that. He compiled traditional songs and arranged them on the piano and they performed in family get-togheters and local events...”

“So I take that you can play the piano, then”

“Not expertly, but my father did give us all piano and singing lessons. My brother was quite better than me, God rest his soul. It was a bit of a family tradition, so to speak.”

“That...that actually gives me an idea...” Fr. Thomas has a huge smile on his face now“As you know James can play the guitar...”

“Yes, I´ve heard him; he´s actually very good. And he taught himself, I should note.”

“Precisely... I was wondering how James would feel about maybe accompanying our choir. We also have a piano, in bad need of tunning, but it still works...I wonder what James would think of maybe...learning to play it? Since he could teach himself to play the guitar, I don´t see why he can´t learn the piano...It should help him compose his own songs too...You can help him, if you can spare the time”


“Heeey? You in there?” Tancey snapped her fingers on his face, startling him

“What?” he grumbled

“You´re planning on sitting out here forever?” she sat by his side on the front steps of the school building. Most other students were long gone by now.

“What about you, what are you still doing here?”

“I wanted to return some books I borrowed from Ms. Black, but she´s gone. The secretary told me she left earlier today...”

“Did she? Why?”

“I don´t know...Why you´re asking?”

“I think Ms.Black is up to something...”

“Up to something?” she smirked “Paranoid much?”

“She had me meet with Fr. Thomas yesterday...”

“Fr. Thomas?! Whatever for? You need an exorcism or something?”

“Ha.Ha. You´re so funny. And yeah...she asked me to drop by the church,´cause he wanted to talk to me...When I got there he asked me these nonsense questions about my music and whatnot...”

“Maybe he needs help with the church choir” she laughed

“I rather have the exorcism... I just hope she didn´t leave early to go talk to my mother.”

“There´s a way you can find out...”

“Which is?”

“Well, since I couldn´t find her to return the books and she told me she needed them...we could go to her house to return them...If she´s there is because she hasn´t gone to talk to your mother, if she´s not, we can ask around...Wasn´t that bloke she brought to the party her neighbour? ”

“You know where she lives?”

“Spinner´s End...”

“You´re bonkers? Nobody lives in Spinner´s End.” James used to go to Spinner´s End with some other lads to break into the abandoned houses to smoke and drink. They had stopped after a few of them had become convinced the whole street was haunted a few months earlier. James himself had seen some strange events. but he didn´t believe ghosts so he never thought much of it...Still, Spinner´s End was, at best, a dump. “Ms. Black can´t live in that hole!”

“She does. She told me so herself. So, want to come or not?”


As her car took the turn that led into Spinner´s End, Evelyn felt relaxed. Fr. Thomas idea was actually very good. Some days before Severus had told her she had to help James find something to do with his life, something that could get him away from his father and the whole dysfunctional situation he had to endure back home and maybe direct him towards a better future. Maybe Fr. Thomas had found the solution. If James spend more time in church, playing his guitar, learning the piano, composing and refining his musical skills...maybe he could find a path for himself?

It would be good for her too...How long had it been since she had played the piano? Months...her father was still alive last time...She hadn´t had the heart to touch the keyboard since he had passed on, and that old relic of his remained untouched on the corner of her mother´s sitting room. Months had passed...maybe it was time for her to try her hand at it again...Her father would be pleased if he knew she was teaching someone else what he had taught her.

Evelyn stopped the car and remained inside for a while, debating wether she should knock on Severus´door. She was dying to tell him about Fr. Thomas´ idea but...she hadn´t exactly been very nice to the man that morning. She wasn´t even sure why she had treated him so poorly...Maybe she should head over and apologize...But what would she say? “I´m sorry for being rude to you for reasons I can´t explain even to myself, so please don´t think I´m completely insane”...That probably wasn´t going to go over particularly well. She should sleep on it. In the morning, with a fresh mind, she´d talk to him.

Having decided that, Evelyn stepped out of the car.

As she opened her front door, a sharp pain shot through her skull as she felt something pull her hair so hard her neck snapped back violently, making her lose her balance and fall back against something..someone. Someone strong enough they could single-handedly pull her whole body weight back by her hair only, she realized in horror. Nothing but a scream fuelled by all the air she had in her lungs could escape her lips. She felt an arm grab her around her torso, before a large gloved hand covered her mouth, fingertips digging into her cheeks. Her body struggled almost without her control, as if her every muscle was instinctively fighting to get away, her feet kicking back, heels first, and elbows hitting back as hard as she could against what she assumed was her attacker´s chest and stomach. But the person holding her felt like a giant, the arm around the torax nearly crushing her ribs. The hand covering her mouth moved away and she hoped screaming again might help...

Severus had to be home. Maybe he´d hear her...

Then she felt something cold against her throat. She brought her hands up to try and get it away but all she managed to do was cut her fingers...

...a knife.

Before she could think of what to do, Evelyn felt herself be dragged inside.


Watching Snape´s antics with his attractive muggle neighbour had been quite interesting for a while, but after the All Hallow´s Eve event, everything had returned to the same monotonous routine. Narcisa´s visit had been somewhat entertaining, and no doubt it would of interest to Claire. He had dutifully reported that the day before in his latest letter. But returning to his usual hiding spot on the vacant house in front of Snape´s, he soon realized life was about to fall back on the same pattern of hours upon hours of watching completely mundane and inconsequential everyday activities that provided no useful information, and much less any entertainment.

How wrong he had been.

As Snape´s neighbour´s red car stopped in front of her house he was nearly calling it a day. He was so bored, in fact, that he had started to get slumberous...Which probably accounted for the fact that he never saw that indinstinct shadow approach behind the woman.

It all happened too fast for his eyes to catch every detail. He had heard her scream before even noticing anything was amiss. When he looked up there it was: a tall hooded man had grabbed her from behind. She struggled, kicked and screamed like a captured animal.

But she suddenly went quiet. Then he dragged her inside.
'Post-War'-Part VI- The Stalker- Chapter IV

This one had been nearly done for a month, then real life got in the way, but here it is...It´s...considerably darker than what I´ve done thus far, but I hope you enjoy it. Don´t hate me too much for that cliff hanger, please? :giggle:
Just dropping by supper quick to say the next chapter has been nearly done since last month, but since this week I have to present my dissertation, I couldn´t get a chance (or the concentration) to write the final scene. But next week it will be uploaded!

Thank you al for the patience! 
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