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November 1st

Spinner´s End 13

Deep down he knew what he was looking for as he examined his face on the mirror. As much as he knew he wouldn´t find it. Severus smirked at his own reflection as he brushed his teeth, washing away the taste of coffee and bacon from the sloppy breakfeast he had shared with his Irish parrot of a neighbour. Much like a cheating husband looking for evidence of his betrayal before slithering back into his wife´s bed, he was looking for lipstick marks...Metaphorical ones, moreso than real ones...He knew for a fact that chaste kiss on the cheek had left no visible marks behind. The red lipstick she had chosen to go with her Halloween costume had long wore off from her lips as they hours passed and she was much more interested in chatting than she was in reapplying her make up.

He didn´t have lipstick on him. But that didn´t make him feel any more at ease walking back into his house and facing the pictures of Lily on his mantle with the warmth of another woman´s lips still burning on his face. It was ridiculous he knew. He had never had any qualms about getting into other women´s bed when Lily was alive. But it was different then... He was trying to forget her, trying to make himself not love her...Trying to forget the fact that he was to spend every night alone while Lily was a happy young wife and mother who had no place for him in her life anymore. She was Potter´s wife...the mother of his child. It mattered little wether he found himself in the arms of some random pure-blood witch eager for a risky liaison with a death eater or a muggle prostitute merely doing her job...It mattered very little, really. He sought them as he´d seek alcohol, drugs and potions. They were not really other people as much as they were distractions.

Then Lily died and he had no interest in distractions anymore. He had no interest in forgetting her anymore. It was the opposite. He wanted to remember her. And in his masochistic quest for punishment, and maybe some measure of redemption, he had made sure that every breathing moment of his was about her, about her memory. There was no space in life for ditractions, of the sexual kind or otherwise. He had been lucid, focused, driven. For seventeen years, he had tought of nothing else but Lily and what she would have wanted him to do, what he could do for her, even if it was too late to actually do it for her and he had no choice but do to it for that boy that was everything left of her.

Then it was over. He had done everything he could, he had nothing else to offer, and he still didn´t feel it had made any difference. So what then? Nothing really. She was dead and he was done with the war but his every breathing moment was still about her and he didn´t know what to make of it.

He didn´t want distractions, he couldn´t seek tdistractions like he had done in the past. He didn´t quite know what he wanted, but he knew it wasn´t some random woman to make him feel some momentary pleasure to forget Lily for a couple hours. And yet, he had allowed himself to go out, to go to that party, to that movie the mill. Place he had shared with Lily, that were theirs and theirs alone and nobody elses. And he had allowed himself to go back, with somebody else.

It felt like cheating.Which was frankly ridiculous, and he knew it. Sleeping with other women hadn´t felt like this. This was different...Evelyn Black had no romantic or sexual interest in him. There couldn´t possibly have been a more innocent demonstration of affection than that kiss she had given him as a token of a appreciation for a good night out with a friend. She wasn´t at all like those women he´d been with years ago. She was not a distraction.He had nothing to be embarrassed about. But he still felt compelled to march back into his hourse without as much as looking up at the photos on his mantle and go upstairs to check on the mirror for visual evidence of some imagined betrayal.

"You are the most pathetic man in existence, Severus Snape" he muttered to himself after rinsing his mouth.

Had it been worth it? To let some other woman walk into his memories like that? He didn´t really want to admit it...but it had. Lily would have to forgive him for this one...He had peace for a night. He had fun for a night. It was worth it feeling like that again. That feeling of having a special secret to share with someone, to see awe and wonder into another person´s eyes as they marvelled at something only he could give them. He dared say he was happy. For the first time in years as he opened the door and let Ms. Black walk onto the roof of the mill only to be greeted by a spectacular sunrise only he knew about, he had been happy. She had said he´d given her a sunrise. Well, is not everyday you get to give somebody a sunrise, is it?

He didn´t care much for that sunrise. The sun rose everyday. But seeing her face...Evelyn Black was a beautiful woman as it was, but in that moment she might as well have been the most gorgeous woman to have ever lived. Much like Lily had been the most gorgeous girl to walk the earth when he first saw her smile, her green eyes wide like pools of clear water when he first showed her he had magic too, just like her. There was some inherent beauty to be found in the joy of another, specially when it´s someone close to your heart. Did that mean Evelyn had made some way into his affections in spite of himself? Maybe. She cared about him, at least as a friend, he could return that much. He could allow himself that, couldn´t he? A friend...

He didn´t quite know how he felt about Evelyn Black just yet, but he suspected he liked her well enough, as a matter of fact. He liked being with her, annoying as she might be on occasion, he did like that he could talk to her, that he could make her smile, that she could enjoy a simple sandwich and a cup of coffee on the roof of the mill or a silly Halloween film festival with him...And he did like that a sunrise could make her eyes widen in joyful childlike wonder like that...He surely did like the way the rising sun reflected on them, lighting them up, its rays of flaxen light going though her irises and turninng their usual warm brown into fiery amber and liquid gold so vivid it made him wonder if he hadn´t just found the proverbial “girl with the sun in her eyes” from that Beatles´song.

He could have that, couldn´t he? Just for a little while, he could be happy...right?


Later that day

Our Lady of Cokeworth Church

Evelyn had slept all morning.

It had taken a little while for her fall asleep though. When Severus dropped her off at her doorstep she had been so exhilerated, she didn´t feel like sleeping at all. Sure, her body was exhausted. She wasn´t in the habit of spending all night awaken. Every single muscle of her body was protesting the hours sitting at Cine Victoria, followed by the long walk to the old mill and her eyes were bothered by the lack of rest and heavy mascara. But he mind was wide awake and doing somersalts. When she washed her face, brushed her teeth, changed into a nightgown and crawled under the covers, her body had been thankful, but her brains refused to turn off. It replayed every second of the night non stop.  

Particularly that magnificent sunrise. Evelyn had received her fair share of gifts from several different men, but never before had she been treated to anything quite like a sunrise to go with breakfast. Severus Snape was surely not a man like any other. He certainly lacked the ease and calculated  social graces of some men, and most definetly he wasn´t interested in cultivating any of it. But when he wanted to, he could turn out to be frankly delightful. Maybe it was precisely the fact that he wasn´t trying to be. Severus had no interest in cajoling, captivating or ingratiating himself to others. He was guarded, dry, at times even abrasive. Evelyn had learned in the past weeks that it was better to just take him for what he was, and not take it personaly. It had been a good decision to make.

As they sat on the roof of the old mill and Severus suddenly poured his heart out, she felt rewarded. Evelyn knew he wouldn´t have done it to just anyone. It was too intimate... Which coming from a man like Severus was a precious gift, and she was all too aware of it. That he had allowed her into his most private memories was all the proof she needed that he considered her a friend, and she was happy for that. He wasn´t going to stop being the taciturn, caustic hermit anytime soon, and that was fine with her. She knewin her heart where it mattered he was a good man.

Eventually exhaustion got the best of her and she dozed off. She was up by noon, however. Fr. Thomas had told everyone clean up would continue in the afternoon for anybody who wished to drop by and help, and she definetly had to be there for it.  After a quick shower, she changed into a comfortable pair of jeans, flats, her favorite burnt orange sweater, found herself a cab and headed back to the church. Evelyn had left her car in the parking lot, so before anything else she had to go and take some of the rubbish out of it. As she opened the volvo and took out papers and decorations she had left inside the night before, the backdoor of the church building opened, as a man came out carrying two empty bin bags.

“Matthew!” She called out

“Hey, Lyn” Angela´s fincé walked up to her “Just in time, we´re starting get the rest of the decorations down, need help with anything there?”

“Just this” she tossed her own trash into one of the bin bags “And  how are you feeling now?”


“Yes, you. You seem to be feeling better.”

“Feeling better? How so?”

“What do you mean, how so? Angela told me you weren´t feeling well last night”

“Who, me? No. Angie was the one who was a little off. That´s why we skipped the film marathon at Cine Victoria. I thought she had told you, didn´t she?”

“No, she told me that you...wait a minute...Is Angela inside”

“Yeah, in the rectory with Fr. Thomas, looking for more bags for all the rubbish...”

“Thank you”

“Evelyn, what the...” Matthew stood puzzled as she walked past him and into the building.


Angela was putting away a miriad of toys and games used in the party into a  big cardboard box when Evelyn walked into Fr. Thomas office. The good priest was nowhere to be seen, probably somewhere looking for more plastic bags as Matthew had told her.

“Evelyn!” she sounded surprised “You´re early.”

“Hardly. By the way, Matthew looks great.”

“Oh, yeah...He´s much better now.”

“Funny, he just told me you were the one who wasn´t feeling too well.”

“Did he, now?” Angela laughed softly.

“Oh. My.God. You set me up´! AGAIN!” Evelyn didn´t know if she was indignant or amused by it.

“I most certainly did not!”

“Don´t act all offended! You DID! You made up that story about Matthew being sick just to make me invite Severus to the film festival!”

“Like you needed any encouragement! You wanted to invite him, I just gave you the opportunity, that´s all. So, technically, I did NOT set you up.”

“Well, still!”

“Come on, look at your face! You´re not even mad. The opposite, you seem very happy. And if the dark circles under your pretty brown eyes are anything to go by, I´d say you had a very good night”

“Well, as a matter of fact...”


“Yes, we had a good night...No, it was not in the way you´re imagining right now”

“Oh, please...You´re trying to tell me you and Severus didn´t stay up all night? You can´t stop yawning!”

“We did stay up all night...watching films.”

“Watching films? That´s it?”

“That´s it.”

“So you mean to tell me you left here in that sexy form fitting Catwoman outfit, you took Severus to the cinema, you two staied up all night and...that´s it.”


“He didn´t even try anything?”

“'Try' what, Angela?! First: Severus and I are friends. Second: even if he was interested in me, and I assure you he´s not, he happens to be a perfect gentleman.”

“A perfect gentleman...Is that code for gay?”


“Just he gay?”

“Just because a man doesn´t have any immediate interest in getting into a woman´s knickers, that doesn´t make him gay.”

“Of course not!”

“Then, what? Sweet baby Jesus...why is it so strange to you that Severus might not be all eager to get anything other than my friendship?”

“Well, is just that... Let´s be honest: you and Severus have this weird...thing...going on.”

“I beg your pardon!?”

“Come on, Evelyn. You talk about him all the time, he visits you almost every day, you´re always inviting him to everything, you go out to dinner on the regular...he babysits your cat, for Christ´s sake”

“We are friends!!And he´s my neighbour to boot!”

“So...that´s all? You just watched some films?”

“Well, that´s not all we did...”


“He got me breakfast...”

“Oh, now, did he? So where did the perfect gentleman took you? Some fancy restaurant?”

“No...The old Mill.”

“The what?”

“The old mill.”

“THE old mill? That creepy abandoned one on the edge of town that looks like a portal for H.P. Lovercraft´s Old Gods to take over the Earth and anihilate humanity? THAT mill?”

“Yes, that creepy abandoned one on the edge of town that looks like a portal for HP Lovercraft´s Old God to take over the Earth. Which also happens to be the best place in this town to watch the sunrise. Did you know that? You can see all the woods and the hills from that rooftop, AND the skyline of the downtown, it´s breathtaking”

“Let me see if I got this right...Severus watched the whole film marathon with you, then he got you breakfast, then he took you to see a breathtaking sunrise at the roof of an old abandoned mill just the two of you...Ok, I take back what I said. He´s definetly not gay...Just sneaky.”

“Ange...Oh, hello Fr. Thomas.”

Evelyn could have died. She had turned around to pick up one of the plastic bottles from the bowling set, and Fr. Thomas was standing there, holding an empty cardboad box and some more plastic bags.

“Hello, Evelyn. Thank you for coming.” he smiled and gave her the customary kiss on the cheek he always greeted her with. He didn´t seem to have heard the conversation, but if he had, he was gracious enough to pretend he hadn´t. “I´ve finally found those bags, and another box for the toys. Maybe we should take care of the decorations and the rubbish outside first, seen as Matthew has started. We should take advantage of the sun too, later it´s going to be rather cold and dark.”

“Of course.” She mumbled, getting one of the plastic bags and briskly walking outside. She could feel her cheeks burning. One look at Fr. Thomas kind blue eyes and she was back to school again, when the nuns would catch her discussing boys with other girls and tell everything to her father. What a nightmare it was for a hormonal teenage girl to not only go to Catholic school, but also to be the daughter of one of the teachers. Didn´t help matters much that her mother was a regular at church and knew all the priests, deacons, ministers and nuns in the county by name.

Oh, well, she wasn´t a hormonal teenage girl anymore...was she?


The rustle of wings reached his ears as his mind drifted between sleep and alertness. The sun was high up in the sky when Severus opened his eyes to see the silhouette of an owl taking flight from his windowsill. He wasn´t sure how long he had slept, or when exactly he had fallen asleep. He had tried to remain awaken enough to review some correspondence but sleep got the best of him, he hadn´t even changed out of the shirt and trousers he´d worn the night before, he was so tired. Still, he pried his eyes open and dragged himsef out of bed. As expected he found an envelope on the windowsill.

He knew it wouldn´t take long for Draco to write again.

“Professor Snape,

I´m afraid I don´t have too much to write in the way of news. Claire and Herr Rott rarely say anything relevant in front of me. I don´t think the suspect anything, but I can´t be sure. I do know the Lestranges have safely arrived in St Petersburg a couple days ago. There have been owls coming and going. All letters are coded, however. I´ve copied some, but not all of them. I can´t make sense of any.

There was, however, one thing that had me suspiscious. I heard Claire say something about a dagger the Lestranges want to recover from somewhere. She seemed terribly annoyed by the idea.

About a week ago, I received another letter from my father. He had Ministry officials come to Malfoy Manor. He insists I shouldn´t say anything to anybody and come back to England as soon as I can. I don´t know what he thinks I could know that insterest the Ministy, or if he suspects I´ve been writing you. I haven´t answered him just yet. I´m afraid I can´t leave now without raising any suspiscions. I´ll just stay put for now.

I´ll write you as soon as anything new comes up.”

Severus sighed. The Ministry was probably pressuring Lucius to keep his son in France. This way he´d continue feeding Severus information that Severus could pass on to them. As he expected they had tracked the boy´s correspondence and Shacklebolt had connected it to the information Severus had supplied him...Using Draco as a spy.... That was a plan Severus was starting to feel rather uncomfortable about. Sure it was useful having Draco inside the Rotts´residence, but at what cost? Draco was at risk spying for him...and frankly, the boy was no spy. He didn´t have the cold blood necessary for the task, and it was just a matter of time before he got caught. And Severus doubted Claire would be merciful if that happened. What was Lucius thinking sending his son into the claws of that harpy? And now that the ministry was breathing down his neck, he wanted the boy back home. One would think the war would have taught him a thing or two about putting the welfare of his offspring above other concerns, but alas, even in his schoolboy days Malfoy wasn´t known for his intellect... Severus had to come up with a way to return Draco to England and continue to get information from the Rotts´house through other means. He´d have to pay Lucius another visit soon...

For now, as far as spies went, poor Draco would have to do. But maybe Severus underestimated him. That was only his second report and he had already given him two very valuable pieces of information: the Lestranges´ location and the fact that they did, indeed, want the dagger. Exactly as Severus had imagined they would. Unfortunately there wasn´t much else Draco could possibly find out about the second one. Severus knew for a fact that the Dark Lord hadn´t disclosed his suspiscions in regards to the location of the dagger to anybody else, and even Voldemort himself wasn´t confident about its whereabouts. Most people didn´t even know it existed, many more didn´t even believe it could be recovered. If it existed at all, of course.

Knowing Claire, she surely had other priorities. She had always been a pragmatic woman. Her foremost priority had always been enlarging the ranks. Whereas the Dark Lord was selective about his followers, but Claire Rott knew the power of numbers. Money, people and connections were much better than magical objects as far as she was concerned, and Severus tended to agree. In fact, the Dark Lord´s love of intrincate and arcane magic and objects had been his downfall. He was a self-professed Messiah, not a real leader. Claire was the opposite. Which was precisely why she was in some ways more dangerous. It was all a business to her.


“Well, that´s the last of it.” Fr. Thomas closed the door to the storage room after putting away the last box of toys. “Tomorrow I´ll think about what we´ll do with those, if we keep them for next year or we can just do something with them next Christmas.”

“You´re already planning Christmas?” Evelyn laughed softly, filling a teapot with water and putting it on the tiny stove of the diminute kitchen the rectory was equiped with. She had made tea for all the teachers and students who had shown up to help with clean up but didn´t have time to have some herself. Now that everybody was gone she could enjoy some. It had been a quick clean up with that many helping hands. Almost everybody had come, with the predictable exception of Mitchel, which didn´t bother her in the least.

“Of course! You´ll see how November is going to zoom right by...” Fr. Thomas sat on a wooden stool by the corner. The rectory kitchen was so small it could barely fit two stools and a foldable table in adittion to the tiny oven and even tinier cabinet. The constricting lack of space was somewhat compensated by the amount of natural light coming from a window that accupied most of the only free wall. She could see a timid, pale sunset peeking trough grey clouds and naked black trees outside, the wind gently blowing the dry branches and taking away their last leaves. Days were getting shorter and shorter...It would be winter soon.

“I barely saw October pass by. It feels like I´ve been in Cokeworth for months. Would you believe it´s been just a month?...Tea?”

“Yes, please...” He got up to unfold the small table and get a small sugar basin and two spoons from the cabinet. “And yes, it´s hard to believe it´s only been a seem perfectly adapted. I´m glad.”

“I should thank you for it.” She put the tea bags into two chipped porcelain cups and poured the boiling water over them, watching the clear liquid turn into a dark amber color. “Actually I have plenty of people to thank for it. You, Angela, Matthew...”


“Yes...” she sat across from him “...Severus. Fr. Thomas...about that...conversation Angela and I...”

“You don´t have to explain anything, Evelyn. If anything I should apologize for barging in like that.”

“I just want you to know that...Angela was just trying to get my goad, there´s really nothing to it...I mean, Severus and I...” she could feel herself getting flustered

“Evelyn, Evelyn” he called out softly “Relax, my dear. Whatever it is that´s going on between you and Severus is none of my business, you have nothing to explain.”

“Is just that...NOTHING is going on. We´re just friends.”

“And that´s good. And if you happened to be something other than just friends that would be good as well. Look, I´m glad that you and Severus are growing close, regardless of the manner. You´re in a new town, you needed friends to help you adapt...and Severus....Well, I´m sure he can use the company as well.”

“ care a lot about Severus, don´t you?”

“Well...I´ve known him since he was a young lad. Sure we´ve never been close, and...I can count on the fingers of one hand the times I´ve even talked to him after he moved out of Cokeworth to study... But...I won´t lie I do have a bit of a soft spot for him. He was a good boy growing up... Quiet, for sure...didn´t have many friends...”

“Only that little girl you told me about...”

“Yes. Life wasn´t kind on him as far as I know...He deserves some hapiness...don´t we all?”

“You always seem sad when you talk about Severus...”

“I don´t know if sad is the word...I mean, Severus turned out fine in the end, in spite of it all. But in some ways...I guess I feel like I failed him.”

“You mean...because of his father...”

“Did he...”

“Yes, he told me about him...”

“I should have done something. But I was young back then...I had just been ordained and this was my first parrish. The Snapes weren´t parrisioners and...I should have done better, but I didn´t know any better. It´s not an excuse, I know...But I regret it...I still do.”

“What could you have done?” her words were more of consolation than anything else.

“Anything would have been better than not doing anything, Evelyn. Any action is always better than inaction”

“Fr. Thomas...”

“Yes, dear?”

“Can I ask you for some...professional advise? Just between the two of us.”

“Evelyn, my child. I´m a priest. Privacy is sort of part of what I do for a living. Do tell, what troubles you?”

“It´s about one of my students...”


Malfoy Manor

Narcissa closed the door behind her back and exhaled. She had lost track of how many arguments she had had with Lucius in the past couple weeks. He refused to answer to her questions. She had had enough. Weeks had passed since Severus had visited her husband and she still didn´t know what they had talked about. It had been enough of a surprise to see Severus alive standing on her doorstep...What he could posssibly still want from Lucius after everything was said and done? Narcissa  knew she owed Severus her gratitude. If Draco was alive and free it was because of him. But she couldn´t help the fact that Severus mere presence left a bitter taste in her mouth. He was alive. Not only alive, free. People were calling him a hero. He had lied to them all those years. She wondered if the friendship that once bound her husband to Severus had an ounce of truth to it, or if Snape had just been lying from the beginning, sly snake as he was.

She had gone to him in her moment of darkest despair, pleading and begging him to help. He had stood before her and promised to protect her son. He killed Dumbledore in Draco´s place, sparing her only child´s soul from irreparable damage, eventually saving him from a certain life sentence in Askaban after the war was over and the authorities started compiling the list of crimes commited. She should be grateful, and she was. But she couldn´t shake the feeling that Severus had toyed with them, that he had seen her cry and fret needlessly, all the while knowing Dumbledore was setting up a farse, a farse she eventually played a role in, to save her family... But now Severus Snape was a hero. And they were disgraced.

Of course, that was nobody´s fault but their own. Hers and Lucius. They had followed the Dark Lord...All that befell them aftewards, they had done it to themselves. They had done it to their child. If she didn´t love Lucius so much she´d hate him with all her might. If she didn´t hate herself so much for allowing Lucius to do the things he did, for standing by his side as he ruined their family, she´d probably have abandoned him by now. But they were, in all possible ways, birds of a feather. They loved each other and their child, and that love had both doomed and saved them.

They were alive, but they had lost everything. She was determined to save what little they had left. She was determined to stand by her husband once more. She had been with him when they walked into a trap of their own making, she wasn´t going to abandon him now. They had to be together, for they they were everything their son had left, and their son was everything they had left. The ministry could take away their possessions, her jewlery, her gowns, their books and antiques, everything. But they weren´t going to take her family away from her. That was the reason she had agreed to send Draco to France. To protect him. To keep him away from the sordid state they had been reduced to. They endured their humiliation quietly, hoping for a better future for him.

And then Severus Snape came back from the dead to stir things up. Lucius insisted Severus wanted him to disclose things he knew nothing about. She wasn´t sure she believed that. It had been a while since she last trusted her husband´s word. Then, just a few days ago, two Ministry officials showed up. Not the usual officials who were in charge of checking if they were keeping to the terms of their arrest. They had come asking questions. About Death Eaters in France and Russia. About Claire... Narcissa started to wonder if it was a good idea to ask her to lodge Draco. If Lucius was expecting to drag her son back into that black hole once more, he had another thing coming.

Well, if Lucius wouldn´t answer to her questions, maybe Severus himself would...


November 2nd.

Cokeworth Academy.

Evelyn felt a chill as she left the pool and walked barefoot on the cold titles. Cokeworth Academy´s pool was indoors and the area heated but the autumn outside was unforgiving. They were surely in for a harsh winter this year, she tought, rushing to get a towel and cover herself with it. She looked around to see if Angela was coming. She always met her after classes in the pool, but today she seemed to be running late. Oh, well...Evelyn was cold, her hair smelled of chlorine and her muscles were pleasantly sore...She needed a warm shower, so if Angela really wanted to meet up she would have to wait.

It felt good to have the restroom all to herself so she could shower in peace. The entire complex that housed the pool and other sports areas and equipment was pretty deserted after classes ended. On occasion some small groups of students would show up after classes to play. But as autumn advanced and the cold got harsher Evelyn found herself alone more often than not. It was peaceful if slightly unsettling. At least Mitchel hadn´t shown up to bother her. Actually she hadn´t seen him once since the Halloween party. Maybe he´d finally leave her alone. Yet another thing she had Severus to thank for.

Evelyn  took her time washing and drying her hair, putting her things back into the gymbag she brought with her when she planned to swim after classes, then finally bundled up as warmily as she could to brave the temperatures outside. Sometimes she felt it wasn´t just a humorous cliché that Irish women were always freezing. Evelyn had on a cotton shirt, a blouse, a wool coat and an overcoat, in adittion to wool thights and jeans and she was still cold. Her mother had always marvelled at how she could swim in the frigid ocean even in the bitterest of winters but on dry land the smalled drop in temperature had her reaching for cover. Her grandfather often joked that she might have some mermaid blood on her, so the cold water didn´t bother her as much as cold wind did. She shook her head at the memory of her grandfather´s tall stories, and zippered up her boots. Angela was still in no show. Her last class must have taken longer than usual, maybe she should go and get her in her classroom.

Her thoughts had her so distracted that she didn´t see the restroom door was blocked. It was only when she lifted her eyes from her bag and found herself less than a foot away from a regretabbly familiar face.


“I was looking for you.” his saccharine smile was wider than usual.

He was just standing at the door, still techinically outside, but blocking her way out. The tall tiled walls on each side of him made it impossible for her to leave without pushing him out of the way. And she she knew how effective it would be for her to try to push a six-foot athlete out of her way.

If this was a joke, it was very much in bad taste.

“I´m sorry, I don´t have much time now. Just look for me in the teacher´s lounge tomorrow, now I gotta run” she tried to make her voice sound sweet but stern, her lips opening in a shaky smile

“It´s going to take just a minute”

“I´m afraid I don´t have a minute, Mitchel. I´m running late.”  she couldn´t hear a sound coming from outside. Nor would she. Most students and teachers were likely gone by now. Where the hell was Angela?

“I won´t keep you, I promise. It´s important.”

“Important enough that you have to come into the girls´restroom? This wildly inappropriate, Mitchel. We´ll talk some other time.” It was probably her nerves that made her words come out harsher than it would have been safe...but she had to do something... Evelyn could see him motion slightly forwards, not quite a step, but almost. She shivered. “Mitchel, get out of my way, will you?”

“Look, I know I haven´t been quite a gentleman with you lately, but I need to tell you...”

“We can talk outside...” she offered, hoping he´d at least unblock the door. He didn´t seem likely to move, however. Evelyn opened her purse with trembling fingers...“I can give you a lift, if you car keys are in here somewhere...” She was sure she still had that pair of scissors she had used to cut the Halloween decorations in her purse...Where was it?
'Post-War'-Part VI- The Stalker- Chapter I
Again, this took me months... ^^; But "The Stalker" is FINALLY here! Chapter 1 in which Severus has a minor emotional crisis, Fr. Thomas offers advice, Lyn deals with unwanted attention and the Malfoys make their return! I hope you enjoy
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Thu Oct 30, 2014, 5:07 PM
Just letting you folks know, I´m not dead or anything, but my scanner seems to be. It was working on and off but now I believe it´s gone for good. Which means I can´t upload anything for Halloween (AND SOREN´S BIRTHDAY!OMG!) and breast cancer awareness as I planned (at least not right now), no can I upload the drawings I still owe some of you lovely people. On the bright side I´m half way done with the very first chapter of "The Stalker" and it will be uploaded next week! :D

BTW, in case I owe anybody anything that I may have forgotten or not uploaded yet, feel free to remind me, ok! :D And since my Halloween pics are going to be delayed anyway feel free to make suggestions in the comments as to what you´d like to see, maybe I´ll take this delay and do some stuff! XD

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Fri Oct 24, 2014, 6:45 PM
Quite late, but I´d like to thank all of you for the happy birthday wishes last week here and on Facebook! Special thanks goes to daeien joeyv7 Anita-Garbo e-c-h InkyRose RosaZaira and Gryffgirl for the kind messages and my sister ameraucanablues for the wonderful gifts. I´d also like to apologize to all of you wonderful people for the lack of reply here on DeviantArt. You probably noticed I´ve been quite absent, but that´s for reasons beyond my control (personal issues and whatnot), but I´ll get back to all of you and I´ll be posting new things shortly. Meanwhile many thanks for remembering me and sending me you love even if I´m not always as present as I used to be. 

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Thu Oct 30, 2014, 5:07 PM
Just letting you folks know, I´m not dead or anything, but my scanner seems to be. It was working on and off but now I believe it´s gone for good. Which means I can´t upload anything for Halloween (AND SOREN´S BIRTHDAY!OMG!) and breast cancer awareness as I planned (at least not right now), no can I upload the drawings I still owe some of you lovely people. On the bright side I´m half way done with the very first chapter of "The Stalker" and it will be uploaded next week! :D

BTW, in case I owe anybody anything that I may have forgotten or not uploaded yet, feel free to remind me, ok! :D And since my Halloween pics are going to be delayed anyway feel free to make suggestions in the comments as to what you´d like to see, maybe I´ll take this delay and do some stuff! XD

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